International Business Rebound 2021

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Sweden on the Go collaborates with BRIGHT Indonesia in International Business Rebound 2021 to support the Swedish business association’s international business development strategy. This event was held on 26 January 2021, with international expertise and a business case that gives key markets for the Swedish industry and technology. 

This international business seminar presents international business cases with examples from different countries together with Sweden on the Go consultants and others from Asian countries. The purpose of this seminar is to serve as appetizers and inspiration to get Swedish companies to become more proactive internationally and offer to follow up with individual companies to discuss their international business needs and how they can expand their businesses.

Primadi Wahyuwidagdo Soerjosoemanto, Co-Founder and Principal Partner of BRIGHT Indonesia and the consultant partner of Sweden on the Go explained how BRIGHT Indonesia showcases the prospect of Indonesia’s dynamic markets, as a seriously attractive investment destination for Swedish enterprises. In this event, Primadi also presented the wide range of services offered by BRIGHT Indonesia.

There are three main topics of business discussion that are explained by BRIGHT Indonesia in the International Business Rebound 2021. Including the Indonesian market overview, BRIGHT Indonesia projects and services, and how to enter the Indonesian market:

Indonesian Market Overview

The dynamic of Indonesian Market Access, how Indonesia has huge potential in foreign investment in diverse sectors. Indonesia is the 7th largest economy in the world. The sectors that are promising in Indonesia in 2030, such as renewable energy, consumer goods, tourism, digital business, agriculture, and infrastructure. The 71% population in Indonesia, producing 86% GDP. In the last 5 years, infrastructure has been newly built with 232,614 billion USD of FDI stock. 

BRIGHT Indonesia Projects and Services

How BRIGHT Indonesia selecting projects with clients and how the services are held, explained the deliverable of market entry analysis, the route to market and customer journey, research support, marketing lead contact, business meeting arrangement, business follow-up assistance. BRIGHT Indonesia takes Catalonia Trade and Investment in Indonesia and Swiss Precision Machine Company as the example of the projects BRIGHT Indonesia held. 

How to Enter the Indonesian Market

A glance explanation about how to enter a new market and Indonesia’s pillars for post-COVID-19 recovery. One of the things a business should know when entering a new market such as finding the right partner to tackle the Indonesian challenges. The pandemic has changed a lot of sectors in Indonesia and is considering new themes of the next ‘normal’. 

In entering the Indonesian market, things we should know are, build necessary groundwork, collecting business intelligence about your sector, focus and support the Indonesian business, find access to the Top Decision Maker, understanding Indonesian business culture, and find the right communication style to align with Indonesian business.

Entering Indonesian Market

BRIGHT Indonesia offers a thorough Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotion by train and assists our clients entering FDI source countries in order to gather investment for our client’s local markets. As well as in Business Partnership Engagement, we will help you identify potential partners and arrange a meeting agenda with local partners or stakeholders. 

Besides, with our business registration services, we could help you ease the process of registration, and the immigration services for the work and stay permit, such as expatriates utilization plan (RPTKA), expatriates utilization permit (IMTA), limited stay permit (KITAS).

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