The Opportunities of the Internet Industry in Indonesia’s Growing Technological Advancements

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As the global age develops, the use of the internet has developed rapidly as well. Especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, normal activities have shifted to online activities which in turn, increases internet usage of customers. Globally, it is impossible to imagine the world without the internet. The global internet penetration rate is 62.5%, with Northern Europe being the first with a 98% internet penetration rate among the population. China, India, and the United States all rank ahead of other countries in terms of internet usage. As of April 2022, there are 5 billion internet users worldwide, which is 63% of the global population, while 93% were social media users, with a nominal of 4.65 billion users. 

What do you think are the opportunities of the internet industry in Indonesia? Do you think Indonesia still needs improvement on its internet? What are its future prospects? Read more to find out!

Overview of Indonesia’s Internet Service Provider Industry

In 2020, the internet penetration rate in Indonesia stood at 69.8% which is estimated to increase in the years to follow and reach 82.53% by 2026. In accordance with the rapidly growing number of internet users in recent years, Indonesian citizens may have the most online populations globally. They are relatively active on the internet with an average of nearly eight hours of internet use per day, in which they typically spend around three hours on their favorite social media app. 

Among all provinces, the fastest province in Indonesia with the fastest wifi would be Bali, followed by DKI Jakarta, Banten, Sumatera Barat, and Kalimantan Selatan. This provides an opportunity for internet companies to operate in those areas as it is already geographically supported with the fact that it has a good internet speed rate. However, there are still unequal access and digital literacy from a survey. It is revealed that people were accessing educational websites because students have to study from home during the pandemic, but even though it is increasing, it is still concentrated in Java. Indonesia’s Communications and Information Ministry’s Informatics also stated that the biggest challenge ahead would be to provide internet for the country’s approximately 12,500 villages with no 4G connection. With that, this could be an opportunity for foreign internet companies to try and penetrate certain markets to also help Indonesian villages gain access to the internet. 

Popular Brands Who Have Penetrated the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Industry

  1. Biznet Network
  2. MyRepublic ID
  3. MNC Play

Future Prospects of the Internet Industry

There is no doubt that the internet would be one of the most essential things in the future. The internet will be bigger, faster, safer, and more private. Aside from that, devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets, electric cars, and wearable markets combined are predicted to become the largest device market in the world adding USD 1.7 trillion in value to the global economy in the next two years. 

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