The Effect of Indonesian Consumers to the Cleaning Equipment Industry

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The use of cleaning equipment has evolved over the years. In the present, technology is now a priority in the cleaning industry and the developments have created several inventions and milestones in commercial cleaning. The term cleaning equipment has a wide range of products. Different types of equipment like pressure cleaners, sweepers and polishers, and also vacuum cleaners are also considered as cleaning equipment. 

Considering the post-pandemic condition, consumers have undoubtedly maintained cleanliness in their homes, which results in a surge of cleaning trends regarding deep cleaning. The prevalence of cleaning is also highly promoted by influencers of micro influencers in popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram in the form of vlogs or promotion videos. With that, Indonesian consumers are more interested in taking care of their own homes by using advanced cleaning products. This certainly creates a sense of urgency for cleaning, as well as a window of opportunity for foreign investors to develop cleaning products in Indonesia. 

What are the opportunities of the cleaning equipment industry? What do you think are the challenges of the industry? What are some trends regarding the industry? Read more to find out!

Overview of the Cleaning Equipment Industry

According to Allied Market Research, the global industrial cleaning equipment market size was valued at USD 9.12 billion in 2021, and projected to reach USD 14.14 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 4.3% from 2022 to 2031. While the data above talks about industrial cleaning in business settings, the home cleaning industry is seen to also have a positive prospect throughout the years. 

Private companies or individuals have attempted to create cleaning businesses for households who have no time in cleaning their houses or property. Data show that a residential cleaning company can be extremely profitable. Some key factors that relate to the demand of house cleaning include: high demand, endless growth and low overhead costs. 

Globally, there has been a steep incline in cleaning and disinfection for personal and community hygiene across corporate offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and even homes. The increased awareness towards hygiene and cleaning will lead to a huge adoption to the commercial cleaning equipment, which is estimated to grow rapidly over the forecasted period. 

Latest Trends in the Cleaning Equipment Industry

In the post pandemic era, cleaning is one of the most convenient ways to ensure the safety of their premises from the virus. There are several trends that have developed in the present, among them include:

  1. More Frequent Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning itself refers to an in-depth cleaning of premises that involve more intense cleaning activities, from scrubbing to cleaning corners under the furniture. Usually, commercial facilities are recommended to undergo heavy cleaning every once a month, but post pandemic, deep commercial cleaning needs to be done more frequently and deeper than normal due to the fact that infections spread more in commercial facilities now. 

  1. The Drive to Go Green

Green cleaning refers to the cleaning process that uses certified sustainable materials which cause low impact on the environment. Green cleaning itself is all about the use of non-toxic and  natural cleaning products while also being able to kill germs. They provide no harm to the cleaners and the people around them and the use of these products are increasing every year. 

  1. Development of High-Tech Cleaning Solutions

Considering the rapid development of the cleaning industry, there has always been a push towards creating new cleaning solutions that are faster and more efficient in every way possible. The biggest example is some high-end cleaning equipment and machines that are used by commercial cleaners. 

The Future of the Cleaning Equipment Industry

The cleaning equipment industry experienced rapid development throughout the years. Especially with the increasing urgency to stay clean, social media trends and videos about cleaning, and the high demand of the cleaning equipment, the cleaning equipment industry has its prospects for the future. One of its opportunities include the development of safe cleaning equipment alongside the advancement in the productivity of robotic cleaners for public spaces.

By advancing the technology into robots and manufacturing safe cleaning equipment, profitability and productivity would be very easy to obtain by private or public companies. 

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