Palm Oil Derivatives

  1. Shortening
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Shortening is a type of fat used in baking and cooking that is solid at room temperature. It is made by partially hydrogenating vegetable oil, which creates a semi-solid texture.

Shortening is ideally used in baking since it blends well with flour and for its ability to create flaky, tender pastries and baked goods. It is also used in frying, as its high smoke point makes it suitable for high-temperature cooking.

Product NameChemichal PropertiesPhysical PropertiesPackaging Specification
Iodine ValueFree Fatty AcidMoistureSlip Melting5 1/4″ LOV
Shortening32-340,2 Max0,10 max52-222,5 RedCartons 15 Kg
34-370,2 Max0,10 max48-522,5 RedCartons 15 Kg
38-410,2 Max0,10 max45-482,5 RedCartons 15 Kg
412-450,2 Max0,10 max42-452,5 RedCartons 15 Kg
46-500,2 Max0,10 max38-422,5 RedCartons 15 Kg
  1. Palm Kernel Expeller

Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) is a by-product obtained from the palm oil extraction process. As a stock feed, PKE contains high levels of crude protein, as well as moderate energy levels. It is generally safe to use as a supplement for various classes of livestock. PKE is particularly useful when used in combination with high-energy feeds such as molasses or Biscuit Cereal Meal

NoParameterSAF PKE
1Total Fat Content6-8%%
2Energy1.500 Kcal/Kg
3Moisture12 % Max
4Crude Protein + Fat21 % Min
5Ash4-5 %
6Fibre18 % Max
7Packaging25 Kg
8Shelf Life12 Months