BRIGHT Indonesia 2021 Summary: Indonesia’s Market Highlights and Opportunities

A glance at BRIGHT Indonesia’s annual report

       Indonesia is one of the 4th most populous nations in the world with almost 300 million people. The Indonesian government had put a lot of effort into making Indonesia’s economic growth grow positively. In 2021, it is projected that their economy will grow positively by 3.51% (YoY). With this, it makes Indonesia the best country for investment.

Economic Overview of the Indonesian Market

Being the 4th most populous nation in the world, Indonesia’s population is dominated by Generation Z and the Millennial Generation, in which the most prevailing region would be North Sumatra followed by Greater Jakarta. In addition, Indonesia has successfully established bilateral economic relations with other countries as well. Including the United States, China, India, and Japan.

Industry Overview: Emerging Markets in 2021

With the numerous industries operating in Indonesia, here are the top 5 largest industries according to our report:

  1. Manufacturing Industry Sector
  2. Mining Sector
  3. Petroleum and Natural Gas
  4. Textiles and Apparels
  5. Automotives

The Full Report

Read the full report of the different industries available in Indonesia, the Indonesian economy, and business tips on Indonesian market penetration. With the constant shift of consumer demand and supply, having a suitable business partner would be much needed.

BI annual report 2021

Read our full version of 2021 report

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