Market Insight Research
We will provide an in-depth Market Insight Report by qualitative and quantitative measures, in which it is a tailored insight study into particular sectors/products where we can conduct the following type of market insight research:
  • Market Entry Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Brand Image and Tracking
  • Commercial Due Dilligences
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Route to Market and Customer Journey
  • Research Support
Business Partnership Engagement
  • Knowledge Insight Consultation
  • Marketing Leads Contact
  • Business Meeting Arrangement
  • Business Follow Up Assistances
  • Negotiation Advisory
  • Business Matching Event Organization
Business Registration and Establishment
  • Permanent Company Registration
  • Representative Office Registration
  • Visa and Work Permits
  • Business License Registration
  • Export and Import License Registration
  • Product License Registration
  • Organizational Set Up and Recuruitment
  • Payroll Management
Growth Development Co-Creation
  • Create and Implement Marketing/Sales Strategy Programs
  • Translate Products and Campaigns into Indonesian Context
  • Managing Relations with Clients, Suppliers and stakeholders
  • Deliver General Execution and On-ground Support
  • Negotiation Process Assistances
  • Route to Market
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Product Strategy
Stakeholder Relations Management
  • Lobbying
  • Intelligence gathering
  •  Coalition management
  • Forecast and analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Strategic counsel
  • Identify and evaluate all current institutions capabilities
  • Identify government programs
  • Identify government needs not currently addressed in established government programs
  • Create a program which solves government problem
  • Create compelling grant applications
  • Recruit strong, long-term supporters and validators
  • Policy analysis and message development
IN-Country Representation Program
  • De facto in-country representative office
  • 1 dedicated desk service offices at Indonesia prestigious business address
  • 1 dedicated consultant working for the clients’ companies
  • Country engagement and development plan for 3 years
  • Intensive liaison with stakeholders from public, private and social sectors
  • Event and engagement arrangement with a discount on management fee
  • Comprehensive institutional partnership development
  • Proactive search and identification of new opportunities
  • Strategic plan execution assistance and Follow up with opportunities enquirers
  • Counseling and advice to the partnership prospects
  • Arranging institutional visits to Indonesian Stakeholders
  • Attendance of every event for the respective partner
  • 5 day a week (48 weeks a year availability)
  • 5 Pages monthly country updates reports
  • Overview and management by experienced professional experts
  • Excluding business registration, travel and promotional cost
  • Tailor-made arrangement for the company needs also available
NAVIGATE SEA (South East Asia)
  • The business practice and local market conditions vary greatly between each Asian market, so it’s critical to be prepared with NAVIGATE SEA
  • Once participants arrive on-site, they should focus on making the best out of every meeting rather than getting caught up with understanding local nuances and business culture
  • NAVIGATE SEA is a 4-week structured cohort-based program that prepares participating companies before even setting foot in the target markets through mentorship and customized on-site meetings
  • In Cooperation with our partner MARKET NAVIGATOR, the NAVIGATE SEA program is suitable for -companies that are performing market validation