Solutions to Thrive In Your Business in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Become an extended hand of your company to explore various promising markets and establish your business in Indonesia and Southeast Asia countries.

Market Insight Research

You can analyze the opportunities and obstacles of your desirable industry on the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets through our comprehensive market research. There are three methods that we can use: desk research to evaluate the market and find detailed industry information, in-depth interviews to gain information about the industry, and onsite observation where our team observes participants’ ongoing behavior in a natural situation. 

We can also provide simple research that will not use an extensive in-depth interview, in case you need simple sized research. However, the results will not be as comprehensive as extensive in-depth research.

Business Partnership Engagement

The goal of this service is to secure the agreement between your company and your future Indonesian business partners. We will provide your company with a list of potentially suitable partners within the Indonesian market, arrange business meetings, and act as a liaison between your company and your Indonesian potential business partner. 

We will also protect your company’s interest in Indonesia by providing business advice, business support, and local representation.

Management and Strategy Consulting

Our management and strategy consulting services are focused on supporting your company from the private sector with the development of corporate/business unit strategies or helping your company from public sector organizations with public policy.

We work with government agencies, international development agencies, multinational corporations, leading national companies, and private equity firms to develop winning strategies for your company that will have a lasting impact.

Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

We can link your company both from the private and public sectors in global foreign direct investment (FDI). With exceptional local market expertise and networks in major countries worldwide, we will help to train and assist your company in entering FDI source countries to gather investment for your company’s local markets.

Business Registration & Establishment

Register and establish your products and company in Indonesia easier with us. 

You can also obtain the work and stay permit for your foreign employee in the Indonesian office: expatriates utilization plan (RPTKA), expatriates utilization permit (IMTA), and limited stay permit (KITAS).

Business Incubation and Accelerator

We will support your growing company through the early and fragile stages of growth to develop and succeed. 

Aside from helping your company to establish an initial team in Indonesia and your Indonesian office, we can also provide your company shared office space, appoint accounting and taxation service providers, give access to mentorship and investors, as well as logistical and technical resources.

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